Red Tesla Model S – Opti Coat Pro Plus

Unfortunately I did not get any before, or in-process pictures of this Tesla Model S, which only further substantiates the owner’s claim that I swapped his car for a brand new one. Although originally scheduled to work in Chicago, I escaped the snow, oddly enough, by driving to Minneapolis! Sure enough, North of Rochester the snow stopped. As you can see, zero snow here in Eagan!

This car received a 2 step paint correction, Opti Coat Pro Plus, and interior cleaning and Interior Opti Guard.

Also of note, this was Tesla # lucky 13! I haven’t done the greatest job keeping this updated, but there are many more Tesla pictures on the Facebook page.

Enjoy what is becoming my favorite color for the Tesla Model S.


dsc_7649 dsc_7658 dsc_7654 dsc_7656 dsc_7651