Black Tesla Model S – Opti Coat Pro Plus

This black twin cities Model S came in to our Eagan location at Auto Vault, for a 2 step correction and Opti Coat Pro Plus. This was Tesla #14!

There was extensive haziness and many shallow to intermediate depth scratches. In addition a few sanding marks on the hood and roof, and some buffing marks (holograms) on the trunk lid.

dsc_7723 dsc_7724

A lot of marring and very superficial scratches are killing the shine on this Black Model S.

dsc_7717 dsc_7720

Orbital and hand sanding marks that were never properly resolved.

dsc_7713 dsc_7714

There was some odd etching spot on the rear, as well as buffer trails (holograms) that extended behind the emblem, leading me to believe this was done at the factory before the emblem was installed.

dsc_7674 dsc_7678 dsc_7679

More sanding left unresolved.


This is a quick comparison, using only a 1 step correction. You can see the right side is a lot less hazy, though deeper scratches remain (those are removed with the 2 step paint correction).


You guessed it! More sanding marks. For fun and science, here is a demonstration of a 1 step and 2 step correction, vs sanding marks.

dsc_7695 Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.31.52 PM


Unlike the red Tesla Model S I did right before this car. I have no good finished pictures, as it had gotten dark so early!

dsc_7730 dsc_7732


Topped with Opti Coat Pro Plus, ready for winter!