2013 Tesla Model S – Minneapolis – Opti Coat Pro

2013 Tesla Model S – Minneapolis Opti Coat Pro Plusdsc_6624

This red Model S came in for a paint correction and Opti Coat Pro Plus application at our new Minneapolis location in Eagan.


During initial wash, we immediately noticed a very rough texture to the paint. Using a clay towel, we removed red paint overspray from all over the car. The paint was now smooth, and ready for paint correction. A test area on the Tesla’s fender to determined the optimum process.


There were plenty of swirls and scratches to practice on. We taped a line down the middle and on the left side, a 1 step paint correction was performed.


Although most of the haziness was removed, there were some intermediate depth scratches remaining. (you can see along the middle where the masking tape was, showing the initial condition)


On the right side we performed an initial pass with a rotary polisher to remove major defects, then micro polished the finish to boost shine with a dual action machine. The results were significantly better.

dsc_6542 dsc_6543

With that combination, we went to town on the Model S, getting the surface to the best it can be, prior to Opti Coat Pro application.

dsc_6545 dsc_6548


The factory installed clear bra was also in dire need of a polishing. A less aggressive approach was used to safely remove scratches from the film.

dsc_6600 dsc_6601


Few more before/afters

dsc_6593 dsc_6594

dsc_6595 dsc_6596


The car was then coated in Opti Coat Pro and topped with Opti Coat Pro Plus, for added shine and repellency.

dsc_6607 dsc_6614 dsc_6618 dsc_6622 dsc_6642

The front nosecone came wrapped in a matte black vinyl. After thorough cleaning, that too was coated. The Opti Coat will protect without altering the matte finish.

dsc_6633 dsc_6649

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