Mercedes Benz ML500

This Mercedes ML500 was part of eM Detailing’s Florida Detail Fest and was in great need of a paint correction!

FL Detail047dsc_3494

The soft black paint was riddled with holograms, scuffs, and swirls, and was coated in a film of hard water residue.

FL Detail052dsc_3504

Notice the almost pearlescent sheen left by the film of hard water.FL Detail048dsc_3498FL Detail049dsc_3499

Wheels getting soaked in Ferrex to remove baked on brake dust.

FL Detail053dsc_3512

Combinations of swirls, scuffs, and hard water obscuring the paint.FL Detail057dsc_3539

Much Better! And this is only after the compound step.

FL Detail058dsc_3540

A pretty compelling before and after on this soft black paint.

FL Detail055dsc_3529

FL Detail056dsc_3538

The entire vehicle was coated in Opti Coat Pro to lock in that shine, protect the soft paint, and make future washing and drying easier without ever having to wax again!

FL Detail060dsc_3548

FL Detail061dsc_3553

FL Detail059dsc_3545