1989 Ferrari Mondial Interior and Exterior Detail

FL Detail062dsc_3554

Car number three for eM Detailing’s Florida excursion was this 1989 Ferrari Mondial Coupe. The owner was most interested in getting the interior leather a thorough clean and condition. Since we weren’t sure on the condition of the exterior paint ( and there were some very thin spots) we settled on a single stage correction and Opti Coat Pro for exterior shine and protection.

The light colored leather seats were in great shape, just in need of a thorough cleaning.

FL Detail063dsc_3562

The light color started coming back quite nicely!

FL Detail064dsc_3564

Gentle water based cleaners and soft agitation helped loosen up the dirt, to be wiped away with a clean micro fiber towel.FL Detail065dsc_3565

FL Detail066dsc_3566

There were many leather details that needed cleaning

FL Detail067dsc_3568 FL Detail068dsc_3569

But it all came back wonderfully

FL Detail072dsc_3584

Notice the cleaned area contrasting against the untreated area
FL Detail073dsc_3585

Years of engrained grime were not safe from the tooth brush in the shift knob either!

FL Detail074dsc_3587 FL Detail075dsc_3591

Following cleanup, all leather was treated with Leather Masters’ Conditioner, Plastic and vinyl were treated with 303 Aerospace Protectant for long lasting, non-glossy, UV protection.


By the time we reached the exterior. It had gotten dark and I was starting to come down with some sort of cold :/

FL Detail076dsc_3597

A single stage correction was adequate for most of the car, however, this lower panel had a lot more scratching than the rest of the car. Following some careful paint thickness measurements, I was able to do a very gently compounding step here to remove some of the scratches.

FL Detail077dsc_3598

The car was coated in Opti Coat Pro. By the time the car was done, I was exhausted and running a fever (and it was dark). Unfortunately no finished pictures here 🙁 Sorry.