2015 Agate Gray Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan Opti Coat

This 2015 Porsche Macan came to us from Minneapolis for Opti Coat Pro Plus and Interior Opti-Guard for leather and fabric. Although it only had ~500 miles on it, somehow it had acquired many water etch marks which turned this from a routine Opti Coat installation to a 20hr detail.

As always, lets start with the wheels. Our pH balanced wheel cleaner gently dissolves brake dust, turning red in the process. Click any picture to enlarge.

dsc_4983 dsc_4986 Porsche Macan Opti Coat

Here is the car all washed, typically this is where a layer of wax is applied and the car is released. Not at eM Detailing, this is merely the beginning of paint correction.


We were initially planning on a single step paint correction but very quickly started seeing water etching spots.


These spots were etched in the paint, meaning the paint was eaten away and actually slightly thinner at those spots. As you can see in the picture, the etching was also present underneath the clear bra, so we suspect this occurred at some point between the factory, and arrival in Minneapolis. Regardless of where this happened, this presented a serious problem as Opti Coat Pro is a permanent coating and we can’t lock in these defects. So we settled on an intermediate paint correction process that removed all water marks and left a great finish for the Opti Coat to build on. Since we only had the car for 24hrs, and it took 20hrs of total work, there are not many pictures from the process, simply due to time constraints.

dsc_5005 dsc_5006

We also removed and coated the wheels in Opti Coat Pro, as well as the massive 6 pot BREMBO calipers. This should greatly help in keeping the wheels looking like new with as little as a rinse. Wheels were torqued back up to factory specifications.

Finished pictures – Opti Coat Pro Plus

dsc_5015 dsc_5019 dsc_5047 Porsche Macan Opti Coat dsc_5040  dsc_5043 dsc_5037