Volvo V60 Polestar

We traveled to sunny California to work on this Volvo V60 Polestar. Volvo only imported 80 of these V60’s to the US, which makes them exceedingly rare!


The car had very few miles, so we performed a light gloss boosting paint correction to make the bright blue stand out further. The paint was then protected with a ceramic coating to help make washing easier (in water restricted CA).

dsc_5573 dsc_5575

The stainless steel exhaust tips got a cleaning to remove built up carbon.

dsc_5587 dsc_5588

The Volvo’s massive brake calipers that are part of the polestar package got cleaned and coated with a ceramic layer to help keep them free of brake dust

dsc_5589 dsc_5593 dsc_5590 dsc_5594

The wheels too were removed, cleaned, and coated.

dsc_5612 dsc_5611

The Polestars’ leather and alcantara interior was protected as well. Notice how the usually absorbent alcatara is repelling water too! dsc_5583




The leather surfaces are protected against dye transfer from jeans and other stains.

dsc_5601 dsc_5615 dsc_5618

Shine on you crazy Volvo.


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