Maserati Quattroporte – Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating


We picked up this 2014 Maserati Quattroporte from Morrie’s Luxury Auto Minneapolis for our top of the line paint correction and ceramic coating package.


We started with a thorough wash and decontamination. Our substrate safe chemicals going to work dissolving tar, sintered iron, and brake dust.



Since we were planning a rather thorough paint correction, the paint film thickness was measured first so we could develop a safe yet effective treatment plan.

Most of the Quattroporte was skinned in aluminum, but the doors were made of some sort of non-metal composite, which didn’t allow us the luxury of paint thickness readings. Where we did get readings, there was a large variance in thickness. On the trunk lid we saw readings from 180 microns to 80 microns. This variance makes it difficult to extrapolate paint thickness to those panels where we can’t measure the thickness, so we settled on a more conservative approach there.


Lot of horizontal scratches on lower panels: Indicative of automatic car washes (the spinning brush variety). Be removing these scratches through paint correction, we restore gloss and clarity to the car’s

A clear difference in gloss from the left to the right!maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0212

More before and after pictures:

maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0214 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0217 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0234 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0235

Although technically feasible to remove the deeper scratches left behind. Lacking the ability to measure paint thickness would make that excessively risky. maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0240

Rupes Nano at work carefully restoring paint on the thinnest paint sections.

maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0206 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0207


In my focus on getting the car coated, I realized I failed to take any pictures of the ceramic paint coating process until after completion. The Maserati’s freshly corrected paint was topped with Gtechniq’s flagship coating: Crystal Serum. It is not that exciting of a process but you can look at the recently completed M5 or Huracan pages if you want to see it.

After the paint was coated in a tough ceramic layer, we removed the wheels, cleaned them inside and out, and coated them with Gtechniq Wheel Armour. Yet another long lasting ceramic coating that will help keep the wheels clean. The calipers were coated as well!

maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0245 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0246


Finished Shots: This Maserati Quattroporte now looks better than new with ceramic paint protection to keep that glossy look protected.

maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0256 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0259 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0251 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0247 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0248 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0254 maserati-quatroporte-detail-dsc_0253