Our Detailing Story

Detailing Passion backed by Science

As a teenager, I would not even think twice about washing my car constantly, and waxing at least once a week! My time and energy was endless, and I tell you, I had one of the shiniest 20 year old SAABs around! I learned detailing at my first job. It, however, was mostly a wash, vacuum, and wax operation. Like most detailing operations, there was no time to get any real paint correction done.

Protect your dream car, or your daily warrior!
Protect your dream car, or your daily warrior!

Fast forward through college, where time and washing opportunities were limited, I needed to be more discerning with how and when I kept up my then 10+ year old BMW e34. I learned to wash in dorm parking lots with no rinse washing techniques, originally developed for water restricted places, and picked through waxes and sealants to find long lasting protection.

When life finally afforded me the opportunity to buy my dream car, the e39 M5, I knew I had to find a way to keep it protected and looking its best with the little free time I had.

eM Detailing | Paint Correction

Paint Correction Honda Ridgeline
Single stage paint correction getting rid of years of swirls and marring

eM Detailing’s methods meet two simple requirements: They must be effective and durable. To be effective, we start with the paint, or the clear coat rather: The process of car ownership scuffs and swirls the clear coat. These swirls, although barely noticeable under normal light, look like a nest of spider webs under high output lights. These fine scratches get in the way of a deep gloss, regardless of how much wax you put on top of it. We spend the time to polish these out, carefully! This is the paint  correction step, and what takes the most work. It is also the step that pays huge dividends.

Paint Protection

To protect the freshly polished clear coat, we top it with a tough ceramic clear coat, that will permanently add water and dirt repelling qualities! This protection does not wash off, does not need to be repeated, and will make future car washing quicker! Although you do not need to wax any longer for protection, some still choose to, as it gives them something to on a Sunday afternoon!

For long term protection, we stay away from waxes for a few reasons. Mostly, it is temporary. Application and reapplication involves rubbing the wax on, and rubbing it back off. All this friction increases the chances of scratching the polished surface again! Wax only adds a minute layer on top of the paint. This offers no real protection against the outside world. The ceramic clear coat we apply adds real thickness between your paint and the elements. Thickness, if worse come to worst, we can use to polish out scratches, and start with a new finish, without having to sacrifice your car’s original clear coat.