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Otherwise you would just run your car through the automatic car wash. We are not in the business of quick wash and wax jobs, we are in the craft of paint correction. We will safely polish your vehicle’s clear coat, and protect it with Opti Coat Pro, so you don’t have to come back all the time.

Stingray Corvette


We start with a thorough cleaning of the exterior, we usually spend a lot of time getting rid of wax stains, railroad dust, brake pad residue, tar, and dried insect guts. Ever notice how you seem to have swirls that come up a few weeks after you get your car “detailed”? They simply masked the problem with wax containing fillers. Removing all wax and filler residue, the true condition of your paint can be assessed and documented.


We will choose a course of action that produces the best results, while leaving as much of your car’s original clear coat intact. Removing protection to add protection does not make sense to us either..

We will perform a single stage paint correction to get rid of gloss robbing swirls. Don’t think you have swirls? Under a 1000 watts of lighting you do. If you really do not have any, well you just saved some money on prep. Click on these pictures to see what a single stage paint correction will do for you. For more dramatic examples, check out these 50/50 panels we did for marketing.

accord swirl free Paint Correction Honda Ridgeline Tahoe swirl removal fire truck swirl removal


After putting all that time into restoring your paint, we need to protect it. We top our freshly polished vehicles with a hard wearing, filth repelling, shiny new ceramic clear coat. Unlike waxes, this will not wash off and it actually adds 2 microns of thickness on top of your vehicle’s original clear coat, leaving a valuable buffer between the paint and the elements.

Look how used motor oil wipes right off this BMW M5 protected with Opti-Coat (ps, the sprayer contains our no-rinse washing solution)


Although your new coating adds some depth and gloss, its main purpose is in providing protection. We can add more shine with a fully synthetic polymer sealant, for a deep gloss and slickness that makes it look like your car is encased in glass. This product is wipe on walk away, meaning no excessive wipe on wipe off routines that increase the potential for scratching. In addition, it dries clear, keeping your freshly cleaned trim devoid of white wax residue.


You will find your slick new ride keeping cleaner longer, thanks to the new repellent coating. But there will be a time when you will need to wash it. As you take delivery, we will recommend some best practices to keep your car from getting swirled up again, using fast, safe, and low water solutions. Though we would be happy  to wash it for you and top with some sealant to show off a bit. Good washing habits are key to keeping your car swirl free for the long run.

Whatever you do, stay away from those brushes at the carwash. Contact us to get a free estimate, and develop a detailing plan