Jet Black E39 M5 Paint Correction Opti Coat Pro & Gloss Coat

eM Detailing was in Florida to work on M5board member GSFent’s car. This 570hp supercharged M5 came in Jet Black, a very soft and difficult color to work with. Over the course of the car’s life the soft black paint had acquired many swirls and light scratches. At some point a “detailer” with a rotary polisher left some unsightly holograms in the paint as well. There was also a film buildup of hard water and a little bit of etching from bugs (click any picture to enlarge).

FL Detail001dsc_3366 BMW M5 Detailing

Jet Black BMW Detailing FL Detail004dsc_3375

E39 M5 Detailing

As usual, we started with decontaminating the exterior with a thorough wash and iron removal step, as well as clay bar where needed. Before starting on the paint correction, the interior got a thorough wipe down and vacuum and we focused on cleaning the leather and stitching on the M-Sport steering wheel. All leather was then conditioned and various stains were removed from the carpet.

FL Detail014dsc_3388FL Detail015dsc_3390

Some overspray from a leather dye job.

FL Detail016dsc_3389 FL Detail017dsc_3391

Did you know there can be as many as 700 different germs per square inch of steering wheel? That is 9 times more than a public toilet! As we cleaned the steering wheel and the M-Sport Stitching the wheel was restored to its original matte lustre.

FL Detail006dsc_3382 FL Detail007dsc_3383

FL Detail010dsc_3384 FL Detail011dsc_3385

FL Detail012dsc_3386 FL Detail013dsc_3387


FL Detail022dsc_3396 FL Detail023dsc_3397

Few coffee spots here and there, no match!

FL Detail020dsc_3394 FL Detail021dsc_3395

FL Detail018dsc_3392 FL Detail019dsc_3393

FL Detail034dsc_3462

Unfortunately there was a lot to be done, and not a lot of pictures were taken. Here are just a few shots showing the difference.

Jet Black BMW Detailing FL Detail026dsc_3407

Contrast between door (unpolished) and quarter panel.

FL Detail027dsc_3409 FL Detail028dsc_3411

After paint correction the entire car was coated in Opti-Coat Pro, which was then topped in Gloss Coat for even more shine and slickness. The wheels were cleaned and Opti-Coated as well.

Opti Coat Pro is a ceramic coating applied after paint correction that provides wax like properties of water beading and UV protection, permanently. Opti Coat Pro does not strip off and cannot be removed other than through heavy compounding. We topped the Opti Coat Pro with Gloss Coat, which provides even more shine and slickness for up to two years. No need to wax again, ever! Below is a video of this car repelling water with Opti Coat Pro alone, once we added gloss coat, repellency went up, like this silver M5’s video(scroll down).

FL Detail033dsc_3458 FL Detail032dsc_3452 FL Detail031dsc_3448 FL Detail030dsc_3446 FL Detail029dsc_3440