Tesla Model X – Paint Correction and Opti Coat Pro+

eM Detailing’s first Tesla Model X, and Minneapolis’ (and Minnesota’s) first Opti Coated Model X.

Tesla Model X02 Tesla Model X01 Tesla Model X03 Tesla Model X04

We started with a thorough cleaning. As of late, cars in Minneapolis, or Minnesota for that matter, have been accumulating a lot of tar these past few months a thorough clay bar decontamination removed the bonded surface contamination.

Tesla Model X05

Once the Tesla’s paint was clean, we were able to observe the various defects in the paint. A more aggressive paint correction was indicated, and after getting the go ahead from the client, we went to work!

Tesla Model X06 Tesla Model X07

Time was tight, so not many process pictures – watch the video for proof that work does happen 🙂

The Tesla was then coated in Opti Coat Pro+ for maximum gloss and protection! Wheels were also removed, cleaned, and coated. Then carefully reinstalled and torqued to factory spec!

Tesla Model X10 Tesla Model X09 DSC_8476 DSC_8483 DSC_8482 DSC_8486 Tesla Model X