Porsche 993 Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

Most of this job is captured in the video above, but we did get a few pictures to share (since they are rumored to be the equivalent of 1000 words).

DSC_9167 DSC_9173

So lots of wash marks in the soft metallic black Porsche paint.

DSC_9229 DSC_9232

But so much gloss hiding underneath!

DSC_9237 DSC_9238

Cars like this generously reward diligent paint correction

DSC_9224 DSC_9227

Lots of tight areas to polish with the 3″ Mirka

DSC_9255 DSC_9269

DSC_9264 DSC_9275


DSC_9280 DSC_9283

Rear vents were treated with a plastic protectant to ward off UV oxidation. In addition, the porous trim is sealed off, keeping contaminants from embedding. Appearance was also enhanced, though hard to capture on image.

DSC_9344 DSC_9345 DSC_9350