Chevy Camaro Scratches and Scuffs

This 2010 Camaro was among the first of the new body style cars to be delivered in Spring of 2009!


Over the course of 5 years it has picked up some scuffs and scratches here and there. We performed a single stage correction to restore the paint to like new status, and diminish, if not remove some of the scratches. We also had a few areas of hardened tree resin / sap, and light etching of the clear coat from bird poo. (click any picture to enlarge)


20dsc_9364Wheels got cleaned with Sonax Full Effect, a finish safe cleaner that eliminates brake dust by chemically dissolving it – turning red as it does.

Other than the scratched areas, the paint was in rather good condition, we decided on a single stage correction with Optimum Hyper Polish, on a Flex 3401 polisher.


Shine was quickly restored to the Cyber Gray Camaro, as minor scratches and swirls fell victim to the Flex 3401’s unrelenting appetite for defects! Then we focused on this scuff on the wheel arch, courtesy of a garage.

You can tell in the light where the car scraped along some framing. For dramatic effect, we taped half of it off, and attacked the other half with a compound and polish combo. Only a trained eye can spot the defect now if they knew where to look for it.

29dsc_9403 32dsc_9407





Then there was the cement post..













Although many of these scratches extended through the clearcoat, I was confident we could make a difference in appearance and make it less noticeable. For experiment’s sake we started by taping off a little area on the bumper, wet sanding it, and then compound and polishing it. The gray vertical line is where we sanded, to the right of it we polished out the sanding marks – you can tell right away a reduction in scratch intensity.













Encouraged by what we saw we did the whole thing. Wet sand first..













Then compound and polish.













Due to the depth of scratched,  a complete restoration would require bodywork and a respray. We were able to markedly reduce the appearance of the damage, such that it’s no longer the first thing you notice!













To wrap things up we topped the Camaro with Opti-Seal for long lasting shine and protection. Here are some more after pictures: