S62 Powertrain Fine Art Print – Limited Edition


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Product Description

(Powertrain prints are still in production – until they arrive, check out the quality of the Valvetrain prints – Powertrain prints use the same process)

BMW E39 M5 S62 Art

I am fascinated by complex mechanical machines, their intricate and interconnected parts, each shaped to dictate a function in the collective whole. I started by taking engine part diagrams for the BMW S62 motor, simplifying them – only to assemble them in a large functional subunit of the engine. By keeping the design to lines and simple shading, the individual components are what draw the emphasis.

Individuality and Quality

( The press these prints are made on)

Having access to a wide array of printing options, I opted for one that would make each piece unique in its own way. These prints are made on a press that predates most humans alive, itself a complex mechanical piece of art. The design has been etched out of a sheet of magnesium, yet with every roller, the tiny variations in ink loading assure that no two prints are identical.

These are printed on thick 8″ x 10″ paper and are individually numbered

The Process

(Valvetrain print pictures shown until the Powertrain prints arrive)

Magnesium Press Plate


Press plate mounted in the appropriated holder for the press (click to enlarge)