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Learn how our set of QA checks and the scientific method factor in giving you a better shine.


Shine Through Science

We apply the scientific method to the process of paint correction and coating to produce better results with less factory clear coat removal. Your clear coat is a finite resource and in the wrong hands, too much can be removed which can cause paint failure down the line!

Our background is rooted in chemistry and our processes influenced by time spent in biotech R&D. This gives us a unique understanding of how paint and Opti Coat work on a molecular level. We are also better suited to educate you on your Opti Coat installation. Proper follow up care is critical in enjoying Opti Coat for many years to come. We make follow up care easy, safe, and effective.

Porsche Paint Correction


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The actual coating step is the easiest part of the process. We have implemented some critical steps before and after coating, that take our coating jobs from good to great. This process is unique to eM Detailing and a direct result of our ongoing research and development. 

Minnesota Tesla Model X03 Minnesota Tesla Model X04

With any car, initial decontamination and paint correction is essential to produce the highest possible gloss. Some detail shops offer many different kinds of services, we focus on paint correction and coating. This is our speciality.

Your car will receive a customized paint correction process, designed for your paint system. We factor in level of defects, and desired outcome to safely produce stunning results. We constantly validate our processes under a variety of conditions to ensure we are producing the best possible results.

Opti Coat ProOpti Coat Pro

After paint correction, we wipe down the paint with a special formula to ensure any polishing residue is removed, revealing the paint in its true condition. The paint is carefully inspected under a variety of light sources.

Once it passes this critical QA step,  it gets coated using a method honed over the course of many coating applications. We believe our coating application provides for a thicker film build up, giving you more protection.

After coating, it gets inspected once more before leaving our shop to ensure nothing was missed.

Tesla Model X Opti Coat Pro

Follow up care:

We consider our work to be done only after the customer fully understands how to take care of their newly coated vehicle. We invite all coating clients back after a few weeks, so we can wash the car together using the No-Rinse wash method. We believe that this is both the safest and easiest way to maintain a coated vehicle. Since the long term success of any coating is dependent on the care it receives, we provide this service free of charge, we also provide all of the materials to set you up for success! This follow up allows us to perform one final inspection on the car to ensure we have not missed anything in addition to building a relationship with our clients.


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Request a free quote or call us at 319.535.0401

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eM Detailing is Minnesota’s only Certified  Opti Coat Pro Installers.  We operate out of Eagan and receive cars from all over the Twin Cities, Rochester, Hudson, and Stillwater areas.